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How to order a painting / photo / print / that you have seen on the website

Please check prices by clicking on Webshop or go to annekehoogenraad.nl

Shipping is possible

    Do you live in the neighbourhood?  

Come and have a look in my studio.

Make an appointment to see the art piece and possible others.


You have the option to trial the art piece. This way you can experience the art piece in your own home before deciding to purchase it.

  • I bring it to you without costs.
  • In doubt of two art pieces, I will bring both and leave one behind.
  • After a maximum of 4 weeks you will have made up your mind. You can either purchase the art piece and keep ik, or I’ll collect it.

You wish to commission a certain piece of art

Have you decided and wish to purchase an artwork?

There are 3 options:

Payment in once, with an upfront payment of 30%

Payment in stallments

Rent, monthly payments

Did you know that you can rent the art piece for a relatively small amount?

This way you can switch to a different art piece every once in a while.

Do you want the art piece to be framed?

I can facilitate this for you at a professional framing company.

Do you want a uniquely painted frame?

I can make a frame that matches your art work in colour and characteristics, for little additional costs.

Do you have any specific questions?

I'd love to hear from you!